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WelcomeThe purpose of this ministry and web page is to approach the challenge of global Islam from a Christian and historical perspective. While the 20th century was dominated by various ideologies, the 21st century will witness the revival of major world religions. It is therefore incumbent on us living in the western world to be properly informed about these faiths -- especially Islam.

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Bible Commentaries in Arabic are
now available on the ArabicBible.com website.

An html E-book, available on this website:

The Bible and Islam, a study guide for anyone wanting to know more about bringing the gospel to a Muslim. Fourth Edition.
by Rev. Bassam Madany



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An Introduction to Islam by Bassam and Shirley Madany. Thirty-three articles currently to be found on www.levant.info are now available in print form. Articles which have elicited comments like the following: "I count it as such a privilege to be in the orbit of God's blessing in your ministry."...."Your material is so right on, and just what I need to get to know about what is happening in that troubled part of the world."....."I thank the Lord upon every remembrance of you and your ministry. You have been a pillar in our generation in holding to your uncompromising approach to Islam."

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A Russian language book.
The second printing of the Russian version of The Bible and Islam, by Bassam Madany, came off the press in December 2001. It is larger than the English edition, as a new chapter has been added dealing with the events of September 11th. To obtain copies please contact: GTimmerman@eamail.net

Muslims Meeting Christ, by Shirley W. Madany. Published in July 2005 ($10.00)
It is a joyful book based on some of the responses to our daily Arabic broadcast, Saatu'l Islah. Comments from an elderly Christian scholar and friend were an encouragement: "I read your book with tears in my eyes. Thank you for writing it." You will thrill to the testimonies of young and old, from Morocco to Iraq, as they tell of their love for Jesus.


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